Real Estate Experts

Ashley & Ken Andrews

Together They Make a Successful Team

Mr. & Mrs. Andrews originally began their career as real estate investors in 2006 and in 2013 Andrews Properties was established. We are a locally owned and operated company, currently residing in Monroe County.

Andrews Properties continues to develop goals, plans, and structures to fit the Andrews Properties Brand and Portfolio. Andrews Properties will execute a layer of real estate options for clients, including, residential, commercial, storage facilities, and property management services. The goal and vision for the company is to have a real estate portfolio of over 1 million in property assets.


Ashley Andrews is an entrepreneur. She is an experienced professional with a strong background in business management.
Mrs. Andrews brings vision, design, and character to Andrews Properties. Her focus is to aid in the company’s strategic vision and develop plans to reach the company’s initiatives.

Co-Founder & Property Management Director


Mr. Andrews is a certified Operations Director with 11 years of business and operations experience. He’s an expert in developing and implementing the operations of multiple facilities.
His tireless work ethic and out of the box observations bring foresight to Andrews Properties

Co-Founder & Operations / Facilities Director