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Things to be included in the property management contract

To ensure a long relationship with your commercial property management company in Michigan, it is essential to create a comprehensive contract. Usually, the companies have their template for this purpose. It is always wise to go through it. Make sure the following clauses are present in it. If not, ask your prospective service providers to do the inclusions.

Contract duration

Signing a short-term contract ensures that you can replace your service provider in case their services are not as per your expectation. Most of the companies usually sign a year’s contract.

Termination clause

If you want to stop using the services of the company, you will need to refer to the termination clause of your contract. The client usually gives 30-90 days’ notice if he/she wishes to terminate the contract. The commercial property management company also has some period for this purpose.

Service and fees

Make sure every service they are providing is listed in the contract. Along with it, the fees charged are also included. If you feel they are charging a lower fee initially, ask them to mention additional charges related to evictions, maintenance issues, bill payments, and filling of vacations.

Responsibilities of the property owner

The responsibilities include setting up and maintaining a reserve fund that, as an owner, you can use for daily obligations and emergencies. The owner is also responsible for insurance.

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